Natural Gas reaches both wheels. Bajaj working on 2 new models powered by CNG

We already told you last March how “the first CNG-powered motorcycle could arrive this year”, and that behind this project was Bajaj. The main idea is to develop a mount powered by liquefied gas to compete with the popular local 100 and 110 cc machines.

Now, thanks to Cycle World and the always informed Ben Purviswe know that the Indian giant has registered new patents on its future range of models equipped with a CNG. Specifically, two different motorcycles that would make use of this type of technology and that could be officially presented for the next June.

This was confirmed by its executive director Rajiv Bajaj and based on the experience that Bajaj has in the use of CNG in some of their three-wheeled vehicles, it is more than likely that they will soon do the same with several models that currently make up their range of motorcycles.

New design patents for Bajaj CNG system

One of the main characteristics of the use of CNG It's like keeping it inside the tank of a motorcycle. In this regard, Bajaj opts for a tank that extends from the steering head to almost under the seat itself. In addition, it has a conventional gasoline tank that would act in an auxiliary manner.

Bajaj working on 2 new models powered by CNG

Mechanically, we see how the engine incorporates the cylinder in an almost horizontal position to leave space for the fuel system. CNG. For its part, the tubular type chassis has a special design to be able to attach the aforementioned CNG tank.

But this is not all, since other modifications must be undertaken to be able to use this type of technology on a conventional motorcycle. To achieve this, the air filter box has a new design and is repositioned around the fuel tank. CNG. Likewise, the CNG refueling cap would be next to the gasoline filler cap, one next to the other.

Bajaj working on 2 new models powered by CNG

In the second design we see how Bajaj opts to place the fuel tank on the right panel of the motorcycle, while the air filter box is anchored in the same position on the left side. In this case, the part that simulates the shapes of the standard fuel tank now serves as a storage space.

Now it remains to be seen what the final performance of a mount of this displacement will be, between 100 and 110 cc, although we anticipate that this will be diminished in terms of performance. Of course, the fuel savings more than justify its use in countries like India, where CNG is also supplied at most local gas stations.

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