Of Science fiction. Honda develops a motorcycle airbag system that surrounds and protects you even if you are thrown

Sling remains faithful to its “Zero Accidents by 2050” plan and to this end is working to evolve its new design motorcycle airbagas shown by the new patents presented in the registry that the Cycle World colleagues have just published.

In addition, these reveal some really important novelties in this field, thanks to their theoretical operation in case they have to be activated. Let us remember that the Japanese brand has been equipping a motorcycle airbag system in one of its flagships, the Honda Gold Wing, since 2007.

News in the Honda motorcycle airbag system in detail

However, the Japanese firm has not ceased its efforts to improve the functions and capabilities in new versions of its airbag system. A technological career in which he has been working for many years and which is expected to bear fruit in the short and medium term.

The greatest scoop that these new detailed images offer us is the possibility that the new Honda motorcycle airbag It can reduce the possibility of injuries in the event of an accident, but also do so without the driver changing his or her driving style, adapting the system to the driver’s driving habits.

Honda continues to evolve its motorcycle airbag system

As we can see in the image of the patent registry, the system would be anchored to the back of the tank. Additionally, there are two key factors that distinguish this motorcycle airbag from the rest that we have seen so far.

The first is that It is “W” shaped, to be able to hug the pilot above and below the arms, protecting both the cervical and costal areas. For its part, the front area of ​​the airbag itself would act in a similar way to the designs we already know.

Honda continues to evolve its motorcycle airbag system

In this way, the Honda motorcycle airbag It almost completely surrounds the pilot, offering maximum protection in the event of an accident. Furthermore, and this is where the second novelty and key aspect of this design is that, after the impact, The airbag detaches from its position, and the inflators seal themselves, hugging our torso like a protective jacket.

It is clear that there is still a lot of time between now and 2050 and we assume that this type of motorcycle airbag will evolve considerably. It remains to be seen how far Honda will be able to pave that path to the desired goal of zero accidents by that date.

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