Recently sold, what is probably one of the few units of the BMW K1200R Power Cup

Maybe not many of you know too much about the BMW K1200R Power Cup, We bring you this special motorcycle section today. Just a few days ago we did the same with another truly exclusive bike from the Bavarian firm, the BMW HP2 Megamoto, and today it’s the turn of this authentic customer racer that has recently been on sale at a dealership in New Jersey.

We learned of its existence thanks to our colleagues at Bike Urious, always on the lookout for exclusive and rather special mounts. This model has also not surprised us for several reasons, including the tight price at which it was on sale, $7,995, about 7,430 euros at the exchange rate. Also because of the huge amount of carbon fiber that dresses its silhouette.

BMW K1200R Power Cup: A maxinaked converted into a racing bike

BMW Motorrad presented this K1200R Power Cup in the 2005 season, with the aim of replacing the BMW R1100S Boxer Cup. It also ran as a single-make cup parallel to the MotoGP World Championship, as had been the case until then with its predecessor. To do so, the German brand added a series of improvements compared to the standard version of the model.

Among them, the arrival of different components made of carbon fiber stood out, with the main idea of ​​reducing the maximum final weight of the set. In addition, a new keel was included, as well as a Dashboard integrated into the instrument panel which included, among others, a lap timer and a gear shift indicator.

Racing tires Metzeler Racetecadjustable footrests or a racing exhaust system signed by Laser were also part of the package of improvements that equipped this special K1200R Power Cup series. The final result was a 230 kilograms in running order for 175 hp of power, which reached the rear wheel via a semi-automatic shifting system.

The K1200R Power Cup was made up of 36 riders, who would compete in 7 races throughout the season as part of the MotoGP World Championship calendar. The final prize for the winner was a BMW 6 Series Coupe, while the runners-up received a BMW X3 4WD for second place, and a BMW bike for the third-place finisher at the end of the season. In addition, Randy Mamola acted as an ambassador for the event.

The probably only BMW K1200R Power Cup registered in the US has recently been sold.

This particular example, which has just been sold at the American dealership Cross Country Cycle, located in Metuchen, New Jersey, is probably the only unit ever registered in the country, making it truly a very exclusive mount.

On top of that, it only cost a little over 7,400 euros. A real bargain.

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