Royal Enfield registers 2 new logos for upcoming models

Royal Enfield's commercial progress is evident after the registration of two new logos with which, presumably, it will sign the brand's next models. As we have learned from Rush Lane colleagues, the Indo-British firm would have requested its registration at the Indian Patent Office last year. 5th June.

In fact, one of them already uses it on some of its models within the Classic 350 and Interceptor 650 range. However, Royal Enfield, in some way, has made the use of this logo official by registering it. Likewise, the second logo, with more casual shapes, gives the impression that it could be intended for another range of the brand's products.

Two new logos and much to come in the coming months

The registration of the two new Royal Enfield logos is just the tip of the iceberg of what the brand has in store for us in the coming months. Among other novelties it is worth highlighting, for example:

Royal Enfield registers 2 new logos for upcoming models

The brand's technical and commercial strategy involves offering a wide range of options within the different cylinder capacities with which it currently works. It is very likely that among the future developments, whether motorcycle models or ranges of equipment and accessory products, the two new logos registered by Royal.

The use of different platforms within the brand has given rise to an extensive portfolio of frames, which cover the tastes and needs of the brand's customers. Models such as the expected Guerrilla 450 or the more than likely Classic 650, demonstrate this company's commercial policy.

Royal Enfield registers 2 new logos for upcoming models

In addition, it continues to expand its commercial network into new markets, as well as offering new distribution possibilities thanks, among other things, to the inauguration of new international logistics centers. In short, opening a new era within the brand that will bring us countless new features in the short and medium term.

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