These are the first images of the Brixton Storr 1200, a Himalayan on steroids and good looking

We have recently learned that Brixton could be developing a new large displacement adventure model, the Storr 1200, thanks to the leak of some images presented in the patent registry, along with some initial sketches of it. A classic image frame equipped with the well-known twin cylinder that equips the current Cromwell 1200.

The curious thing about the matter is that Brixton has still not launched its long-awaited Storr 500, the brand's first trail bike, officially presented at the last EICMA 2022, but which has still not reached the brand's official dealers. That is why the possibility of a Storr 1200 It seems far away, at least for now.

Brixton Storr 1200: First data and what we can expect from it

Now, thanks to our colleagues at Motorrad Online, we have learned of Brixton's plans, within the large displacement ADV segment, with the development of this possible Storr 1200. The images presented by the brand in the Chinese patent registry give us an idea of ​​what could be to come.

In principle, this new Storr 1200 would come equipped with the engine that debuted in the Cromwell 1200 and that is also present in the scrambler variant of the model. We are talking about a 1222 cc block developed by Gaokin, the Chinese specialist in engine equipment and transmission systems.

New Brixton Storr 1200: We already know the first images of the patent registration

This water-cooled in-line twin has 4 valves, an electronic injection system with bodies made by Dell'Orto, as well as the use of Mahle pistons. It is associated with a change of 6 relationships and develops 83 HP of power at 6,550 rpm and 108 Nm at 3,100 rpm with an approved consumption of 4.6 l/100 km.

To reach the new Storr 1200this could undergo some modifications in its power curve, delivering a little more maximum torque, around the 120Nm. This is helped by the exhaust system with double side exit that incorporates the ADV represented in the Brixton images.

New Brixton Storr 1200: We already know the first images of the patent registration

The rest of the set stands out for its classic lines that offer a retro image, highlighting the tubular steel chassis based on the one fitted to the Cromwell 1200, along with a conventional double-arm swingarm. The chassis part is complemented by an inverted front fork and a pair of lateral shock absorbers that act directly on the swingarm.

For its part, the brake system consists of a double front disc and a third disc installed on the rear axle. The equipment anchors on radial tires, presumably 19” inches at the front and 17 at the rear. All this for a final weight that is estimated to be around 235 kilograms.

New Brixton Storr 1200: We already know the first images of the patent registration

To complete the set, the Storr 1200 It should be equipped with all the latest technological components with which it can compete head to head with the most relevant frames in the category. Dual-channel ABS, radial brake calipers, traction control, cruise control or a large TFT instrument panel with the possibility of connectivity should be included in the standard format.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, the images also show us other elements included in this standard equipment such as the rear luggage rack, side handles for the passenger, hand protectors for the pilot or a generous skid plate.

New Brixton Storr 1200: We already know the first images of the patent registration

From the German media they are wet regarding the price to pay for the future Storr 1200, over 12,000 euros as an exit fee. Also the moment in which the Austrian brand could officially present it: next season of 2025.

In any case, we are still waiting for its younger sister, the Storr 500, which will probably make an appearance very soon, according to the latest information we have.

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