Shoei announces its participation in the StockExtremeTrack shoots

Shoeihas recently announced his participation in the filming of StockExtremeTrackwhere it will present its test helmets so that pilots can experience first-hand the protection and comfort that the brand offers.

During these days, those registered will have the opportunity to test the brand's helmets in a high-performance environment. StockExtremeTrack are known for offering exceptional riding experiences, and the Japanese firm joins this scene to demonstrate why their helmets are the choice of professional motorcyclists and enthusiasts around the world.

Shoei X-SPR PRO: Commitment to sportsmanship

Participants will be able to try the top of the range helmet, the X-SPR PRO. This initiative allows motorcyclists to evaluate first-hand the comfort, aerodynamics, ventilation and, most importantly, the safety that Shoei offers us.

The X-SPR PRO has double approval in terms of safety regulations; ECE 22.06 and FIM. It has 7 ventilation inlets that are operable and can therefore be closed. It also has 6 outlets, so the ventilation options are many and varied, adapting to each pilot.

Shoei announces its participation in the StockExtremeTrack shoots

The cheek ventilation system stands out, which will always keep the interior of this X-SPR PRO ventilated. It also uses a screen system with a central locking mechanism and double closure that allows total sealing of the screen, avoiding annoying openings of the screen at high speed.

As main features of the X-SPR PRO range, we highlight:

  • ECE 22.06/FIM certificate.
  • Integrated spoiler and wings.
  • New aerodynamic channels
  • Newly developed rear stabilizer
  • Wider eye port for greater vision.
  • CWR-F2R visor with central locking mechanism
  • New completely modular interior system
  • Independently adjustable center pad system
  • Cheek pad angle adjustment system.
  • Optimized ventilation system for high-performance driving.
  • Multi-density EPS liner construction
  • Integrated molding for hydration system.
  • 4 different outer shell constructions

Shoei announces its participation in the StockExtremeTrack shoots

For more information about the Shoei X-SPR PRO you can access the brand's website in our country, officially distributed by Corver. All the details of the next StockExtremeTrack events, clicking here.

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