Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

The Italian firm updates its line of soft bags with the Eco Rambler 2024 range Composed of eight models full of personality that are mainly characterized by being made of recycled nylon and having aesthetic details that highlight a marked “Old School” look.

The new Eco Rambler soft bags, with a classic and minimalist look, are aimed mainly at users of style Café Racer, custom and scrambler and they represent a declaration of intent on the part of the brand: to propose products with a lower environmental impact.

This new line is made up of five models that have a series of common characteristics. The main one is the material they are made with: 470D recycled nylon. In addition, all of them have an internal lining of waterproof 70D 190T Non-Dyed nylon (undyed), this last detail allows you to avoid wasting water and energy, as well as dye spills.

This water resistance is increased thanks to the hermetic roll-top closure with self-adhesive tape. Finally, the new Eco Rambler range has the MOLLE system, which allows you to increase or complete the load capacity.

Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

Kappa Eco Rambler 2024 range in detail

RB100RS saddlebags

The first novelty of the Eco Rambler range are these spacious saddlebags, with a capacity of 14 liters each. They include two side pockets and one front pocket, as well as a ring system on the back to adjust the position of the bag. The RB100RS saddlebags They are fixed under the saddle and to the pedal through four straps.

Finally, they have a shoulder strap to carry them across the chest; Non-slip PVC on the back to protect the motorcycle fairing; fireproof fabric at the bottom; internal PE foam support; and metal buckles. The RB100RS saddlebags can be purchased by 85 euros.

Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

RB101R Saddle Bag

This saddle bag features a great 26 liter capacity. It is equipped with four straps to secure it to the motorcycle, as well as a shoulder strap that allows it to be carried manually. It has two side pockets and one front pocket, fireproof fabric at the bottom and metal buckles. The RB101R saddle bag is found by 111 euros.

Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

Tank bag RB103R

With six liters capacity, this bag can be fixed to the vehicle using four straps with an eyelet at the end, if the tank is not metallic; Otherwise, it is fixed with four magnets. In addition, it has a safety strap that attaches to the handlebars. Finally, it is prepared to be carried as a shoulder bag when we get off the motorcycle. The tank bag RB103R is available for 99 euros.

Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

RB105R individual saddlebag

The new Kappa line presents this useful saddlebag 17 liters capacity, which can be used as a comfortable backpack after getting off the saddle, thanks to the two rear straps it has. This model is fixed to the motorcycle using a system of plastic hooks, along with a lower strap.

These allow us to quickly attach the bags to the TMT_K and TE_K supports. The front has a large pocket with a button. It also has non-slip fabric on the back, as well as a handle for carrying it manually. The RB105R saddlebag can be obtained by 109 euros.

Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

RB106R leg bag

It is a very useful option for storing small frequently used items, thanks to its one liter capacity. It is attached to the leg with a strap equipped with velcro, and to the waist with another adjustable “Quick Regulation” strap.

Its back, when in contact with the thigh, has been made with a breathable mesh fabric. In this case, the closure is with a waterproof zipper. The RB106R leg bag It is possible to purchase it for 44 euros.

Kappa's Eco Rambler range is updated for 2024

For more information about the new range Eco Rambler 2024 by Kappa or any of the products that make up its current range, you can directly consult its official website or visit one of the authorized distributors that collaborate with the brand in our country.

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