New victory for the Ducati DesertX Rally in the Iron Road Prologue of the Erzbergrodeo 2024

The Ducati DesertX Rally has achieved a new victory in the classification reserved for twin cylinders in the Erzbergrodeo 2024one of the most popular extreme enduro competitions. Antoine Meomultiple Enduro World Champion and European Supercross Champion won the Iron Road Prologue at Erzbergrodeo for the second consecutive time with the DesertX.

The Iron Road Prologue is the competition that more than 1,300 registered pilots at the Erzbergrodeo they must face to qualify for the final test. Divided into two sessions, it takes place in an ultra-fast climb (more than 600 meters of elevation gain over 13.5 km) in which single-cylinder and twin-cylinder motorcycles compete.

In the Iron Road Prologue, Meo and the DesertX Rally, assisted by the Entrophy Motorbike team, took victory, setting the best time in the category reserved for twin-cylinder machines. The result allowed the DesertX Rally to line up on the front row in the final test on Sunday, where Antoine Meo wanted to put together a good performance.

Chronicle of the Ducati DesertX Rally at the Erzbergrodeo 2024

The DesertX Rally thus confirmed its competitive qualities thanks to a set full of top-level technical solutions. In fact, Meo's bike was prepared for the race by only adopting the Ducati Performance racing exhaust and eliminating one of the two front discs, which is not necessary for an uphill race like the one at the Erzbergrodeo.

The competitiveness of the DesertX was underlined by the performances of Patrick Neisser and Simon Marcic, at the controls of two motorcycles entered by the Ducati Rosenberger dealer in Graz, who finished the Iron Road Prologue in fourth and eighth place, respectively, among the twin cylinders.

As in the previous edition, the Erzbergrodeo public enthusiastically welcomed the Ducati team, with a large influx of spectators in the hospitality set up by the importer of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer for Austria, Exclusive Cars. Enthusiasts had the opportunity to test the DesertX range with dedicated tours on a route laid out around the magnificent landscape of the Eisenerz iron quarry.

New victory for the Ducati DesertX Rally in the Iron Road Prologue of the Erzbergrodeo 2024

This second appointment with the Erzbergrodeo confirms Ducati's growing commitment to off-road competition. A commitment that will continue with the second stage of the Italian Motorally championship in Foligno (PG), on the days June 29 and 30where the protagonist will once again be Antoine Meo, flanked by Antonio Polidoro, both with DesertX Rally routes.

Ducati DesertX Rally: Ready for anything

The Rally was born on the basis of the DesertX, the first Ducati equipped with a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel, based on the experience acquired in the 2023 edition of the Erzbergrodeo. It is characterized by the best components derived from competition: in the DesertX Rally High-quality, specialized and effective off-road solutions have been adopted.

New victory for the Ducati DesertX Rally in the Iron Road Prologue of the Erzbergrodeo 2024

To highlight the Kayaba suspension with longer travel with a closed cartridge fork and sliders with Kashima Coating treatment, and the shock absorber with an oversized piston are derived from motocross and allow you to overcome any obstacle. The new center-spoke wheels, with specific measurements and characteristics for off-road racing, make the Rally an effective motorcycle on any type of terrain.

These solutions, together with the lightweight and strong forged carbon skid plate, and the CNC-machined shift pedals and rear brake lever, unequivocally identify the Rally as a motorcycle designed for the most extreme adventures.

New victory for the Ducati DesertX Rally in the Iron Road Prologue of the Erzbergrodeo 2024

Mechanically, the new DesertX is equipped with the popular Testastretta 11° engine with desmodromic distribution and liquid cooling. 937 cc, with 110 HP at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6,500 rpmoptimized for specific use in the gearbox and electronic equipment, which sees the introduction of two driving modes specifically designed for off-road.

Also highlight its fuel tank of more than 21 liters capacity and the possibility of mounting a second tank on the rear of the motorcycle as an accessory, adding another 8 liters of gasoline. Additionally, the Ducati DesertX Rally is available with the Iron Giant livery.

More information on the brand's official website or at any of the authorized distributors that collaborate with the Italian firm in our country.

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