The ban on screens on the steering wheel is open thanks to this new airbag

The digitization in cars It has reached a point that we thought was insurmountable. The vast majority of new vehicles have their interiors full of screens, which are the ones from which practically all parameters are controlled, including some such as air conditioning. However, the trend could go further, since we have just seen that the ban on screens on the steering wheel. Before it was something completely unthinkable due to the position of the mandatory safety airbag, but this innovation changes everything.

We are used to seeing airbags coming out of the front of the steering wheel, however, ZF has come up with something different. The company specializing in transmissions and other automotive components has wanted to change this practice of putting the folding bag on the steering wheel pear, something that has been maintained since 1980. Now it presents the ZF Lifetec, the steering wheel that expands the design possibilities and allows to include screens thanks to the airbag unfolds from the topunlike the rest.

In the event of an accident, the ZF Lifetec airbag exits from the top of the pear, not from the front. Go through the steering wheel rim and is deployed just in front of the driver to prevent him from suffering damage when his head hits this surface. That's what allows it to have such a different design, with a flat, seamless top. They remain seamlessly integrated all the sensors and could be combined with the digital instrumentation that is so widespread in current vehicles.

This type of steering wheel could become the norm in the future, both for its attractive design and for the addition of technology. Surely more than one manufacturer will opt for their services to install screens. The issue of safety has always been important and the steering wheel is key, so installing a touch screen could compromise attention. In any case, other solutions could be included such as switches, capacitive sensors and all kinds of technological innovations. We have to wait to see if this solution reaches production cars.

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