The definitive motorcycle umbrella comes to us from India

The people of Sepal Moto, in India, have just blown our minds with their new universal motorcycle umbrella. As they themselves say: “Experience absolute protection and unparalleled comfort on your motorcycle with our innovation by excellence, the all-in-one solution for all your motorcycle needs”. That's where it is.

But, if you don't see the photo and notice that it is a motorcycle umbrella, you might think that it is anything from a comfortable and pleasant seat to a vest with an Airbag.

But no, it is a large dome attached to a roof that can be unfolded to protect even the rear seat passenger.

This is the universal motorcycle umbrella from Sepal Moto

On the one hand, the roof or canopy is made of a high-quality fiber-reinforced polymer, which can withstand any type of road and route that the motorcycle can take. Plus, it comes with a wide variety of customization options to choose from.

On the other hand, the windshield is made of optical grade polycarbonate that is literally unbreakable. There is also the option to open it at any time to feel the breeze or have a clear unobstructed view at night. The mounting base includes rubber feet on the bottom that allow you to align and secure the frame firmly to any type of motorcycle without leaving scratches.

Sepal motorcycle umbrella

Last but not least, Sepal uses its patented technology when it comes to fastening straps. The motorcycle umbrella Sepal It can be universally installed on any motorcycle and no tools or prior experience are required. In 5 minutes, anyone can install or remove the device from the motorcycle without too much trouble.

As additional features, the motorcycle umbrella Sepal It includes a practical appliqué for the smartphone and its charging, the height of the set is adjustable and it has a practical anti-theft device to keep it away from possible envy.

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