The first images of the Cyclone RA 600, Zongshen's next bobber-style custom, are leaked

The Chinese partner of the Piaggio Group, Zongshen, already has a new custom model in the oven, with a marked bobber style. Is called Cyclone RA 600 and we have learned the first details about what we can expect from it thanks to the German colleagues at Motorrad Online. In short, a frame that follows the design philosophy of other models of the brand.

This translates into “borrowing” unequivocal features that we instinctively associate with competing models. For example, its mid-rear part is clearly inspired by the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, adopting, like it, a single-seat “open” saddle or the tubular swingarm, simulating lacking any cushioning.

Cyclone RA 600 in detail

Currently, Zongshen has the Cyclone RA 401 among its ranks, but it is evident that the Chinese firm seeks to find new market niches with larger displacement models such as this one. Cyclone RA 600. To do this, it would use the propeller already seen in other models of the brand such as the Cyclone RE5.

We are talking about a parallel twin-cylinder engine of about 560ccwith internal dimensions of 72 mm x 67.6 mm, and a declared maximum power and torque of 59 HP at 8,500 rpm and 55 Nm torque at 6,500 revolutions respectively. This also has liquid cooling or an injection system in the power section.

The first images of the Cyclone RA 600, Zongshen's next bobber-style custom, are leaked

With 4 valves per cylinder, it also stands out for having DLC ​​ceramic coating on its cylinders and some other mechanical parts. All this associated with a six-speed gearbox and an exhaust system made up of two side outlets, offering a compact and harmonious image to the whole.

In the main image of this Cyclone RA 600 There is another aspect that stands out visually in a powerful way. That is none other than the front suspension system simulating a Hossack type equipment, although behind the covers provided by these shapes there is a conventional fork.

The first images of the Cyclone RA 600, Zongshen's next bobber-style custom, are leaked

Zongshen's new bobber-style custom is expected to end up mounting 16” wheels, a dual-channel ABS system and a pair of brake discs, one per wheel. Enough, on the other hand, to stop the approximately 200 kilos that it will finally weigh, an estimated figure if we compare it with the current RA 401 and its declared 188 kg.

Everything indicates that the future Cyclone RA 600 will be launched on the market before the end of 2024, with an initial price of around 30,000 yuan, about 3,880 euros To the change. Undoubtedly, we already know that this rate would increase exponentially if the model reaches our borders.

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