The Scots are spraying a spray with DNA to prevent thefts and misdeeds on motorcycles

Problems with gangs of motorcycle users in other countries are the order of the day, as are robberies in which motorcycles play an important role in the escape. That is why Police Scotland (a very active place in innovative measures) is working with a new method: spraying DNA spray on motorcycles and users.

It is an easy way to “tag” those who flee from the police if they cannot be caught, either because they are vandalizing the motorcycle, or because they are criminals and use it for their misdeeds.

With a simple spray, without physical contact and the risk that it entails, you can mark both the motorcycle and whoever is riding on it and their clothing, and all of this in a way that is harmless to both objects and people. Furthermore, invisibly because the DNA spray does not leave a trace.

How does DNA spray work?

At first glance it looks like just another spray, similar to the pepper spray that the police also use to subdue people, with a more accurate and less widespread concentration of the shot than a homemade spray.

As we said, this substance is totally invisible and harmless, but the secret is kept precisely in the DNA. And the spray has a unique and labeled DNA that appears under ultraviolet light and is also uniquely encoded, which is why it represents forensic evidence that can link it to a specific crime.

The result can only be seen with ultraviolet light

Also, if all this were not enough, this DNA spray developed by SelectaDNA cannot be cleaned from the surfaces where it falls, so there is no way to manipulate it. The individual or motorcycle that is marked will later be recognized with ultraviolet light.

According to data provided by SelectaDNA to MotorCycle News, once these sprays were implemented in Edinburgh, crimes committed on board a motorcycle decreased by 60%. And the truth is that the Scottish police themselves are implementing it in more areas of the country, so it seems that, indeed, it is an effective measure.

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