what they are like and when to use them

Lights not only clear the way for us, they also warn others about our place in it. But turning on the lights is more than turning the lighting control: at each circumstance corresponds to a type of lighting. The driver must know how to interpret the circumstances, adjust the speed and choose the lighting depending on the moment.

In any case, a adequate lighting and in perfect condition it is essentialsince the car's lights are decisive in emergencies, immobilization on poorly lit roads, driving on twisty roads or inside a tunnel.

Therefore, it is crucial to have correct lighting at all times, check all the vehicle's lighting components (without forgetting rear, brake, reverse and fog lights) and check the adjustment of the headlights (especially if the car is loaded, since it is more possible to dazzle). And if someone suddenly dazzles you, slow down progressively until you even stop if necessary.

The lighting of your car is equipped with, among others, these six types of lights that serve both to see and to be seen. Now we explain when each of them is used:

lights to see

Low beam (low beam)

They are used at night, always, on all roads and during the day, on all roads with fog, heavy rain, snowfall or clouds of dust or smoke. Of course, at all times in tunnels, reversible, additional lanes enabled for traveling in the opposite direction.

It is not mandatory, but it is advisable, to drive with the dipped headlights on. during the day since the vehicles are better distinguished. By the way, the daytime running lights fitted to some vehicles do not replace short-range lighting.

High beam (high beam)

They are only used at night, on insufficiently lit roads. The rule indicates that when a license plate cannot be read at 10 meters or a dark vehicle at 50 meters, traveling at more than 40 km/h.

Has to switch to low beam if it dazzles pedestrians and other drivers in front or in their rearview mirrors. It should not be used in towns. On highways and highways you must also change them to short ones whenever another vehicle is coming in front of you, even if there is a median.

Front fog light

In some circumstances, the main lighting (crossroads and road) is insufficient and it is necessary to 'add' other lights. The fog lights are luminous reinforcements when visibility is decreased due to heavy rain, snow, or thick fog or dense clouds of smoke or dust.

It is a light powerful, low and wide, useful for following the lines of the edge of the road. It can be used alone or together with short and long range ones. It should not be turned on as soon as it rains a little because can bother. It is not mandatory and not all vehicles are equipped with it, although it is useful on narrow roads with successive curves marked, due to its greater lateral reach.

Lights to be seen


They are one or two white lights that turn on automatically when you engage the gear.

Its function is warn drivers and pedestrians that the car is moving backwards. In addition, it also illuminates the rear of the vehicle when maneuvering, which is very useful at night or when parking in underground parking lots.


These lights always accompany the low, high and fog lights and indicate the position and width of the vehicle.

If you park your vehicle on the road or shoulder of a road, you must turn on the parking lights to make it visible. Of course, never drive with only the position lights, they do not illuminate.

Rear fog light

They are one or two red lights, more intense than the position lights, located behind to avoid collisions. Its use is mandatory for all vehicles (except motorcycles), to signal their position when there is thick fog, heavy rain or snow, or dense clouds of smoke or dust.

It should only be turned on in especially unfavorable conditions with dense fog, rain or heavy snowfall, since when used incorrectly, it is annoying and dazzles drivers behind.

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