The self-balancing screw bike is here to blow your mind into a thousand pieces

The brain behind the self-balancing screw bike is James Brutonengineer, inventor and a prestigious YouTuber with a gift for technology and, above all, innovation.

But, as we can see in the video below, his latest work could be a milestone, since it could be the first motorcycle to use Mecanum wheels. What are these wheels? Imagine a conventional wheel, but instead of a tire, there are diagonally mounted rollers. This allows the vehicle to not only move forward and backward, but also move from side to side, like a crab. It is, until now, a technology commonly associated with robots, which gives them omnidirectional mobility.

By putting this unique motorcycle to the test, its creator can move forward and backward, from side to side and even skid, demonstrating his ability to maneuver the machine even inside his house, as if it were a piece of cake.

This is the Bruton self-balancing screw motorcycle

Explaining the project on his YouTube channel, Bruton has declared: “Remember when I made a bike with an omnidirectional wheel on the front? A while later I went ahead and tried to make a bicycle with two omnidirectional wheels”.

self-balancing screw motorcycle

He Mr. Brutonkeep going: “As soon as I rode that version I realized that it would have been better to have made Mecanum wheels, which have the small wheels angled all the way around. They are usually used on the four corners of a robot so it can move in any direction, but I want to put them all in one line, so the bike balances sideways and can turn on its own.”.

Without a doubt, we are facing a project as large as it is surprising. Very possibly this technology will be implemented in the not too distant future, we see it.

self-balancing screw motorcycle

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