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Peugeot takes the new one to another dimension Peugeot Django 2024 after a decade on the market. Presented this week in Paris, the new Django stands out for its high degree of customization, variety of engines, colors and accessories. And all this divided into two versions: New Django and Django Classic.

The New Django, available from May, represents modernity with its elegant lines and avant-garde design. It is ideal for those looking for style and performance. For its part, Django Classic, pays homage to the brand's history with a traditional French design updated with modern touches and bright colors. It's perfect for those looking for a vintage aesthetic with a touch of personality.

With these two options, the Django family attracts a diverse audience looking for distinctive elegance.

This is the new Peugeot Django 2024

The new Django 2024 is characterized by its modern and dynamic design, which is accentuated by distinctive LED lighting at the front and rear. The LED headlights, shaped like “lion canines”, are a nod to Peugeot heritage and add a touch of personality to the scooter. Available in versions Allure and Sportthe New Django offers urban users a unique and personalized driving experience.

Django 2024 incorporates last generation technology to offer an intuitive and connected driving experience. The TFT screen Color provides clear and accurate information about the vehicle's status, while the system SmartKey It allows you to start the scooter and open the trunk without using a traditional key.

New Django

The new Django 2024 is equipped with a new EasyMotion motor that offers a power of 9.5 kW at 8,500 rpm and torque of 12 Nm at 6,500 rpmensuring smooth acceleration and quick throttle response.

And if we talk about security, Django 2024 comes standard with a system Dual channel ABS. This system distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels automatically, which prevents the wheels from locking and allows you to maintain control of the scooter in sudden braking situations or on slippery surfaces.

Django 2024 has been designed with user comfort and practicality. The two-seater seat is wide and ergonomic, offering a comfortable driving position for both driver and passenger. In addition, the scooter has practical storage compartments, including a storage box under the seat and a glove box with a USB socket for charging electronic devices.

New Django 125 Allure

He Peugeot Django Allure It is an urban scooter that perfectly combines style, technology and comfort. Its sleek, modern design is accentuated by an iLED lighting distinctive, both front and rear. It has a TFT screen color that provides clear and precise information about the status of the vehicle, making driving easier. Furthermore, the system SmartKey It allows you to start the scooter and open the trunk without using a traditional key.

The comfortable seat two-seater, along with the practical compartments storage compartment, ensures a pleasant driving experience for both driver and passenger. Without a doubt a perfect urban scooter for those looking for a elegant, technological, comfortable and safe vehicle.

New Django Allure

New Django 125 Sport

He Peugeot Django Sport It is a scooter aimed at those who want an urban vehicle with style, personality and sporty features. His design, sporty and eye-catching, It is inspired by racing, with sharp lines and sporty details that give it an aggressive and determined look. His paint bicolor contrasting, with silver and orange details, gives it a unique and bold look.

It is equipped with an engine that offers powerful and reliable performance, ideal for those looking for a dynamic and exciting drive. Furthermore, its exceptional maneuverability makes it a perfect scooter to move around the city with agility and ease.

New Django Sport

Peugeot Django Classic: An icon of French style

He Peugeot Django Classic It is an urban scooter that perfectly combines classic style, modern performance and customization. Since its launch in 2014, Django has become a symbol of french style thanks to its neo-retro design and its daring use of color.

Django Classic is characterized by its distinctive design with neo-retro lines impregnated with modernity and striking chrome finishes. This design perfectly embodies the spirit of French chic and makes it a unique and recognizable scooter.

Django Classic is available in five versions and nine different colorsfrom vivid shades to timeless hues, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their style.

Furthermore, Django Classic is not only about its design, but also about the ability to customize it to create a unique driving experience. Users can choose between different versions and engines to adapt the scooter to their needs and preferences.

Regarding motorization, the Django Classic is available in 50cc and 125cc engines in all its versions. The 50cc engine is perfect for short trips around town, while the 125cc engine offers more power and performance for those who want to venture beyond the city limits.

New Django Classic

Peugeot Djanco Classic, the same as always

He Peugeot Django Classic pays tribute to the S55 and S57 modelsthe brand's first scooters manufactured in 1953 and 1955. Their classic design is enhanced by modern touches and chrome finishes that give it an elegant and sophisticated air. Available in a different ranges of colors, Django Classic also offers the option to choose between 50 cc and 125 cc engines.

His comfortable two-seater seat and the spacious storage compartment make it an ideal scooter for daily use, while its maneuverability and performance They make it perfect for getting around the city with ease.

New Django Classic 2

Django Classic Hot Color

He Peugeot Django Classic Hot Color is a version of Django Classic that is distinguished by its vibrant and exclusive colors. His timeless design makes it a versatile option that matches any style.

Also available in two engines 50cc and 125ccthe Django Classic Hot Color is the perfect choice for those looking express your creativity and joy of life through your vehicle.

New Django Classic Hot Color

Peugeot Django Classic Sport

He Peugeot Django Classic Sport is a version of Django Classic with a motorsports inspired design. Their nostalgic graphics and bold colors They give it a dynamic and daring look.

The Django Classic Sport offers agility and performance for a fun and exciting ride, making it the ideal option for those looking for a scooter that allows them to enjoy the driving experience to the fullest.

New Django Classic Sport

Peugeot Django Classic Cafe Racer

He Peugeot Django Classic Cafe Racer is a version of Django Classic with a 50s inspired style. Their elegant colors and high quality finishes They give it a classic and sophisticated air.

The Django Classic Cafe Racer offers a driving experience that combines nostalgia and modernitybeing the perfect choice for those looking for a scooter with a retro and elegant touch.

New Django Classic Cafe Racer

Peugeot Django Classic TT

He Peugeot Django Classic TT is a version of Django Classic with a two-tone design and shiny chrome. His style evokes the timeless elegance of the 50s.

Django Classic TT is perfect for outdoor adventures or country picnics. His maneuverability and performance They make it an ideal scooter to explore new paths and enjoy nature.

New Django Classic TT

Peugeot Django Classic Dark

He Peugeot Django Classic Dark is a version of Django Classic with a black monochrome body. His simple and elegant design Matches any personality.

Django Classic Dark features Eye-catching chrome accents and an LED lighting signature that give it a distinctive touch.

New Django Classic Dark

Peugeot Django Classic Shadow

He Peugeot Django Classic Shadow is a version of Django Classic with a matte military green monochrome body. His style distinctive and adventurous makes it the ideal option for those looking for a scooter with a unique touch.

Django Classic Shadow features glossy black accents and an integrated LED lighting system which give it a robust and modern appearance.

New Django Classic Shadow

Peugeot Django: summary of the “Welcome to the Multiverse of Your Mobility” advertising campaign

Peugeot Motocycles launches a new advertising campaign for the range Djangounder the motto «Welcome to the Multiverse of Your Mobility». This campaign celebrates Diversity, freedom of style and customizationinviting users to explore a world of infinite possibilities.

The Django It is presented as a vehicle that symbolizes individuality thanks to its iconic design and wide range of colors. With it, each person can express their unique style, whether classic or modern.


Inspired by multiverse theorythe campaign uses dynamic images and comic-book scenarios to show how the Django adapts to different urban environments while allowing each driver to maintain their identity.

Definitely, «Welcome to the Multiverse of Your Mobility» positions the Peugeot Django As the ideal scooter for those looking to break with convention and express their individuality on two wheels.

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