This kit converts the legendary Peugeot 103 into electric. It is legal and you can access ZBE areas

The possibility of a Peugeot 103 electrified continues to haunt the minds of the leaders of the French firm. Thus, recently, we showed you the “SPx Project”, the vision of the future through the prism of Peugeot Motorcycles. A concept bike with which the French brand “reaffirms its commitment to freedom and adaptability to the limitations of time, this time in electric mode”.

Now, thanks to the colleagues at Le Repaire des Motards, we have discovered the retrofit kit for Peugeot 103 that sells the local brand Noil. The simplest and most comfortable way to electrify our moped, also using a Fully reversible plug-and-play system.

Electric kit for Peugeot 103 in detail

We suppose that the creator of the Peugeot 103 Diabolique, the wild 8-cylinder, 400 cc moped that we gladly presented to you a while ago, must be tearing his hair out at such heresy. French citizens who, installing this kit in their respective Peugeot 103can access the ZBEs of their city.

This is thanks to the change in French regulations that establishes the possibility of this type of modifications in vehicles powered by combustion, gasoline or diesel engines. That is, we can install an electric motor on our old motorcycle and become accredited eco-friendly users.

Electrifying a Peugeot 103, the new way to access ZBEs in France

For now, only three companies have received the corresponding certification to be able to carry out this type of transformations. Among them is Noil who, from 349 euros, offers us these specific kits for Peugeot 103. Other models such as the 102, 104 and 105 can also be “modernized”.

With the new electric motor installed in any Peugeot 103, The aforementioned French ZBEs can be legally accessed. Currently, it is estimated that there will still be about 500,000 Peugeot 103 registered in France, after more than 3 million copies sold throughout its commercial life.

Electrifying a Peugeot 103, the new way to access ZBEs in France

Heresy or genius? This is up to everyone's choice, although it is evident that many French citizens could really benefit from a modification of this type on their Peugeot 103. Surely more than one of them will have a copy stored in their garage at home, and with this new regulations and the aforementioned kit, many of them can be given a second chance.

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