Volkswagen ID. Code Concept: electric and autonomous, with an eye on China

He Volkswagen ID. Code Concept It is a new prototype that has seen the light of day at the Beijing Motor Show. It is an electric crossover that is very focused on China. It serves as a celebration of the four decades that the German brand has been operating there and also as a driving model for the new ID.UX sub-brand specific to that market. This specimen bets on a level 4 autonomous driving and by a very high level of technology, in order to attract younger customers.

At the design level, the ID. Code Concept doesn't look much like current Volkswagen models. There is notable differentiation in this large SUV, which stands out for its curved lines and sumptuous surfaces. There are no large grills or air intakes like in other current cars, while the lighting occupies a generous part both front and rear. It is known as “3D Eyes” for its ability to “look” by moving the lights. The tires are large and fill those sculpted wheel arches and a roof drop is perceived that wants to emulate that of the coupes of yesteryear.

The interior of the Volkswagen ID. Code Concept is very futuristic and minimalist, with a small steering wheel and a total absence of buttons. There is a curved screen that occupies the entire dashboard and everything is controlled through an avatar that is projected on the windshield. There is also a screen housed in the center console for other secondary functions, although it is surprising how space has been freed up in that area of ​​the vehicle. In fact, the front seats can rotate 180 degrees to be completely facing the rear seats, which look like designer seats.

This is precisely due to the commitment to autonomous driving that we mentioned at the beginning and that makes the difference in this Volkswagen ID. Code Concept. No details have been given about his electric propulsion system, but we can expect high capacities and extensive autonomy. In any case, it serves to reaffirm the brand's electric offensive in China through ID.UX, since they will arrive five specific electrical examplesin addition to other combustion models and plug-in hybrids.

Starting in 2026, the CMP platform (China Main Platform) and will increase production in that country. For this they have signed agreements with companies such as Xpeng, Horizon Robotics and Thundersoft; with whom they will work on aspects such as autonomous driving systems, infotainment or advanced connectivity.

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