This video is the scariest thing you will see in the 2024 edition of the Isle of Man TT

The videos on board the Isle of Man TT They are always appreciated by all enthusiasts of the world of two wheels, and especially those in love with this epic competition. Of course, the one we bring you on this occasion, captured from the BMW M1000RR from Milwaukee Davey Todd, provides an especially wild look at the world's most prestigious and dangerous road race. There is no doubt about that.

The video shows what you see Todd while recording his practice lap with a mini-camera embedded inside his helmet Arai RX-7V. So now we find a perspective almost from behind the visor. This perspective is a first for the 2024 event and we can safely say that it offers an impressive and quite terrifying view of the circuit.

Many of the TT's onboard videos use a camera mounted on the bike's front fairing or tank, focusing forwards across the screen. While this is useful, it does not accurately reflect the pilot's experience and often softens the forces he is subjected to.

However, this new perspective is raw and visceral, providing a clear sense of the brutality of the Mountain Course when traversed by one of the world's best road racers.

Davey Todd TT Isle of Man

This is the video of Davey Todd in the Isle of Man TT

A highlight of the video is the beginning, when Todd It goes from the pitlane with the speed limiter at 60 mph (96 km/h) to descending Bray Hill at almost 180 mph (290 km/h). In just two minutes, he goes from chatting with his team and putting on his helmet to being completely immersed in the race, demonstrating how quickly TT riders can adapt to the speed of the circuit when necessary.

Further ahead, already immersed in the turn, you can see Todd tearing through cities and towns at impressive speeds of up to 200 mph (322 km/h). Although the mountain footage section is always the most picturesque to see in television coverage, it is these urban sections, with roadside furniture and quaint cabins whizzing by, that provide a more realistic impression of the actual speed and danger.

Davey Todd TT Isle of Man

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