Vmoto Group unifies all its brands into one: Vmoto

Vmoto Limited Corporation recently announced the reunification of all its brands into a single trade name: Vmoto. This decision comes after its strategic agreement in 2020 with the Chinese brand Super Soco, and after which the electric vehicles that would be marketed later would come under the name of Vmoto Soco.

The Group, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), has various collaborations with important designers, studios and international associations, such as those of Ducati Corse and Dorna. Now the company's board of directors has decided to group all its operational areas under a single brand.

Vmoto opens a new commercial and strategic era

The new models, motorcycles and scooters of the Australian manufacturer will from now on be identified under a single brand, with the exception of vehicles dedicated to B2B, which will carry the brand. Vmoto Fleet. The decision was motivated by the desire to present a strong and unified identity to the market, to reach the end consumer in the clearest and most direct way possible.

However, the E-Max and Super Soco brands remain among the company's assets, with the prospect that they can be used in the future to create and identify new product lines, with the aim of offering consumers solutions in line with the demands of the electric mobility market.

Vmoto Group unifies all its brands into one: Vmoto

Charles ChenCEO of the company, comments: “Today is an important day in the history of our Corporation. “Unifying all our operations under a single, strong brand like Vmoto means being able to address an increasingly demanding global market, with clarity, transparency and determination, continuing to produce and design vehicles that offer top-of-the-line performance, quality and design.”

For its part, Graziano MilonePresident and Global CMO of the company, alluded: “The electric vehicle market is going through one of the most important and crucial moments in its cycle, a cultural and industrial transformation that will lead to its definitive commercial consecration.”

Vmoto Group unifies all its brands into one: Vmoto

Concludes: “Presenting under this brand will allow our Group to reduce internal fragmentation and have a clearer and more defined image before clients and consumers around the world. A simple restyling, but a real injection of energy to the Vmoto engine and its presence in the market”. As a result of these changes within the brand, it also presented its new official website.

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