Voge offers new information about its upcoming RR 660 S

Voge continues to surprise everyone with frames of the caliber of the new RR 660 S, a sport that was officially presented in society last September, and about which we continue to learn about some of the fundamental aspects that make up the model. Now the Chinese brand has leaked new technical data on high-performance tetracylindrical.

Nothing new, on the other hand, considering that just a few days ago a leak revealed the surprising models that Voge is preparing. A complete range of frames that the firm intends to put into circulation over the next two years.

Among them is, of course, this RR 660 Sbut also others like a grand touring with a six-cylinder engine and 1,600 centimeters or the Vogue DS 750 R, a model focused on adventure that reminds us de facto of the well-known Honda Transalp. Furthermore, from what is becoming known, it will not be the only frame from the brand that we will find similar to one belonging to the Honda catalog.

Voge RR 660 S 2024: New details revealed

Now we have learned new data, revealed in China, about this RR 660 S, although all of them continue to refer mainly to the specifications of the model. The well-known engine 663 cc tetra-cylinderthe brand's first with this configuration, will finally offer 100 HP maximum power.

These specifications manage to catapult the cars up to 100 km/h. 215kg in vacuum RR 660 S, in just 3.5 seconds. In addition, the brand announces a cycle part to match, with a wheelbase of 1,450mmdesigned to get the maximum performance from the new in-line four-cylinder engine.

Voge offers new information about its upcoming RR 666 S

To do this, Voge uses KYB suspensionswith an inverted front fork and a double disc Brembo braking Powered by 4-piston calipers. Behind it, an adjustable monoshock and a single disc actuated by a double-piston caliper take care of these tasks.

It will also have a good technological compendium that will work in conjunction with the mechanical parts. We are referring to the adoption of traction and ABS systems or a state-of-the-art IMU capable of managing these electronic resources in the most efficient way.

Voge offers new information about its upcoming RR 666 S

Although the brand has not yet announced when it will offer this model on our continent, it is likely that we will have new news in the coming weeks. In any case, we have to wait, although it is clear that the new RR 660 S It is probably one of the frames that followers of the brand desire the most.

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