Designed to improve the performance of our motorcycle

Getting the most out of our motorcycle is possible, since we have specialized manufacturers such as RFXavailable through Bihr in our country, which have extensive experience and an extensive product portfolio.

In addition, there is the care of our motorcycles that, many times, involves the acquisition of specific components, designed to improve performance and, ultimately, the final experience.

RFXa spare parts brand for MX motorcycles, has all kinds of premium parts, which allow users to get the most out of their machines and enjoy their passion like never before. An example of this is all your range of clutch lever assembliesessential for those who want to pamper their motorcycle.

RFX accessories focused on clutch systems

Motocross lovers, who dedicate a significant part of their time to preparing their motorcycles, seek to increase performance and, therefore, enjoy each jump even more. It is because of that RFX offers us a wide catalog of parts and spare parts, specific for the main models in the segment, that allow you to take that step forward that you are looking for for the season.

RFX range of accessories: Designed to improve the performance of our motorcycle

The brand develops different ranges and product lines, focused on the different systems of the motorcycle, such as the clutch. One of the main novelties within its extensive portfolio are the PRO clutch lever setsdesigned specifically for the best European professional teams, and now available to all users.

These assemblies consist of a high quality aluminum lever bracket, anodized bolt and quick adjuster, custom made flexible rubber protective sleeve, oversized 50mm quick adjuster, machined stainless steel hardware and forged lever with point bearing. turn.

RFX range of accessories: Designed to improve the performance of our motorcycle

They combine maximum durability and resistance, as well as a feeling of lightness, which makes them perfect for practicing an Offroad discipline such as motocross. This set is specifically designed to offer the best performance and functionality.

An example is the aforementioned oversized quick adjuster, which facilitates adjustment while driving, as well as the lever tension, which allows simple and smooth clutch operation. It is available through the official Bihr website, in magnesium color, for a price of 105.86 euros.

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