Wanting to be a teenager again? Rieju launches its new MRT 50 2024 range

Under the motto “youthful, but from another caste”Rieju launches new 2024 range of its flagship within the adventure moped category, the MRT 50 2024. A clear object of desire for the youngest riders who, for yet another season, continues to bring together all those qualities necessary to develop true future drivers.

Known and appreciated by many, the MRT 50 has always been characterized as a youthful-looking motorcycle with its own style. At the same time, it combines just the right touch of sportiness and efficiency that, together with a casual and aggressive aesthetic, leaves no one indifferent.

Rieju MRT 50 2024 range in detail

For this new year, Rieju continues to maintain the model's philosophy unchanged, although it returns with a completely renewed image thanks to its new graphics kit and some very striking color combinations. In this way, the new MRT 50 2024 It is sold in four different versions depending on the chosen modality:

  • Supermotard: MRT 50 and MRT Pro
  • Enduro: MRT 50 and MRT Pro

The biggest difference between both models is the rims and tires used in each of them. While the enduro versions use 21″ and 18” radial wheels, shod with Offroad tires, the Supermotard variants opt for alloy wheels, in this case 17” on both axles and equipped with asphalt tires.

Rieju launches its new MRT 50 2024 range

On the technical side, the MRT 50 2024 range uses a motor Minarelli NG 2T 50 ccwith liquid cooling, Kick Start starting system and associated with a 6-speed transmission, synonymous with high performance and guaranteed fun.

This is combined with a chassis part where the double perimeter beam chassis made of high-strength steel stands out, and a removable rear subframe. Likewise, the standard version differs from the PRO variant, in addition to its color combination—White/Red and Black/Fluorescent Green—by presenting a more conservative selection of components.

Rieju launches its new MRT 50 2024 range

This has a 37 mm diameter telescopic fork, mono-shock absorber, mono-piston brake calipers and front and rear brake discs of 260 and 200 mm respectively.

For its part, the PRO version is the most radical MRT 50 2024 of all. They highlight their Ollé Gold R16V 40mm inverted fork in diameter, Galfer Wave brake discs measuring 300 m at the front and 200 mm at the rear, with a double-piston front caliper, a progressive mono-shock absorber, with a separate gas bottle, anchored to connecting rods, as well as an aluminum swingarm and handlebar.

Rieju launches its new MRT 50 2024 range

It comes in two exclusive tricolor combinations that inherit all the sportiness and excellence of the brand:

  • Red/Black/White
  • Green/Black/White

For more information and prices on any of the four versions of the new range Rieju MRT 50 2024, you can consult the official website of the brand. Also go to any of the authorized distributors that Rieju works with in our country.

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