Wottan Storm-X 2024 – Technical Data Sheet, Photos and Price

Wottan bursts into the two-wheeled sector this April with its new range Storm-X 2024, initially made up of three different variants. With it, the Spanish brand offers us the possibility of acquiring a citizen-style scooter, which does not give up a good level of equipment, in addition to a very reasonable final price.

Two 125 cc versions, air and liquid cooled respectively, and a third option that will be marketed under the name Storm-X 200arrive to cover the needs of the user in their daily trips, also providing us with the ideal compendium between performance and economy of use.

Wottan Storm-X 2024 Rivals

The long list of competitors that the new one will face Wottan Storm-X 2024 includes top-level models such as the following:

Wottan Storm-X 2024

Wottan Storm-X 2024 engine

The access version of the new Storm-X It has a 125 cc, four-stroke, SOHC single-cylinder engine, air-cooled, with 2 valves in the cylinder head and powered by an electronic injection system.

It also has electronic ignition and is approved under the current Euro5 regulations. The compression is encrypted at 11.0:1, while the brand declares a final power of 10.7 HP at 8,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 11.3 Nm at 6,500 revolutions.

Wottan Storm-X 2024

Cycle part of the Wottan Storm-X 2024

At a dynamic level, the new Storm-X Opt for simple but effective equipment. It highlights the tubular steel chassis and the swingarm-engine that makes up the rear. In the suspension section, the brand uses a 31 mm hydraulic telescopic fork and a double hydraulic shock absorber adjustable in 3 positions.

For its part, braking is made up of two discs, one per axle, 240 mm at the front and 220 mm at the rear, assisted by a CBS system. These are anchored to a set of alloy wheels shod in turn with tires measuring 110/70-14 and 130/70-13.

Wottan Storm-X 2024

Regarding the main dimensions of the new Storm-X 2024, the brand declares a curb weight of 142 kg, including the 10.5 liters of fuel that we can store in its tank. The seat is 750 mm from the ground, while the maximum length and width extend to 1,995 mm and 770 mm respectively.

Equipment and finishes of the Wottan Storm-X 2024

Although the new Storm-X It has a tight price, the Spanish brand has not skimped on the equipment that shapes its new scooter. Highlights the TFT color digital display with 5 levels of adjustable brightness.

Wottan Storm-X 2024

This offers us two visualizations:

  • Full Mode shown as standard
  • Streamline which reduces the information by replacing the effect of the analog movement of the speedometer needle with a wake.

The table has information on trip mileage, speedometer, odometer, rpm, clock, fuel level, engine and oil temperature. In addition, it has an integrated USB port and ample space for a helmet under the seat, as well as a front glove box to safely store small items.

Wottan Storm-X 2024

Versions of the Wottan Storm-X 2024

The Spanish firm offers us two alternative versions to the access variant:

Wottan Storm-X+2024

This variant adopts a liquid cooling system and comes equipped with additional equipment elements, including ABS and traction control systems (TCS), as well as Start-Stop and Silent Start. Already available at the brand's official dealers, it is offered in the same color versions as the standard variant for a starting price of 2,890 euros.

Wottan Storm-X 2024

Wottan Storm-X 200 2024

With a liquid-cooled mechanics that increases its displacement to 150 cc, the Storm-X 200 includes a level of equipment identical to that offered by the Storm-X +, with an official price starting from 3,090 euros.

Colors of the Wottan Storm-X 2024

The new Storm-X are available in three different color schemes:

  • Dark Gray
  • Crystal Blue
  • Snow White

Wottan Storm-X 2024

Price of the Wottan Storm-X 2024

The new Storm-X will be available from next April 30 with a base price of 2,690 euros. More information on the brand's official website or at any of the authorized distributors it works with in our country.

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