Kawasaki KX112 2024: School of champions

The new one Kawasaki KX112 It has recently been presented in society by the brand. A dirt bike designed for the youngest, who are looking for an intermediate model between the smaller displacements and the KX250.

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Kawasaki KX112 in detail

The new one KX112 It is positioned as the ideal machine for those young people who have some experience in small displacements (KX 65 or KX85), as an intermediate step before entering higher displacements such as the KX250.

To achieve this, Kawasaki has provided it with the best technical components in the category, which especially include a 112 cc 2-stroke single cylinder enginecooled by water and which offers us the option of adapting the driving ergonomics in up to 6 different positions, with a design modeled on that of its older sisters.

Kawasaki KX112 2024: School of champions

This is anchored to a cycle part, where the steel perimeter chassis of this KX112 becomes its main element. Attached to it is a 36 mm inverted fork on the front, double brake discs, one per axle and a 19” diameter front wheel.

With a weight of barely 77 kilograms in running order and a seat height of 870mmit becomes an “Offroad weapon”, in the right hands and on almost any terrain where mud is the main element.

Kawasaki KX112 2024: School of champions

On the other hand, both the minimalist bodywork, the flat tank and the stylized seat have been designed to facilitate movement on the motorcycle. Other technical details to take into account are, for example, the new cover design that directs air towards the radiator more efficiently, contributing to better performance.

The new one Kawasaki KX112 will arrive at the brand’s dealerships on next March 15 in a single color scheme Lime Greenat an initial price that starts from 5,999 euros.

More information and details on the official website of the Japanese firm or at any of its authorized distributors in our country.

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