Kawasaki officially presents its new W230 and Meguro S1

Finally, Kawasaki has presented its new W230 and Meguro S1 on the occasion of the Osaka Motorcycle Show. Two frames that reflect the tradition of the brand and that, in 2024, celebrate precisely the association with Murato Iron Works, later Meguro Manufacturing Co, in 1924.

Let us remember that in mid-2020, Kawasaki registered the Meguro name in several places such as Europe, New Zealand, Australia, the United States or the Philippines. Already then the idea of ​​recovering these mythical acronyms was in the mind of the Akashi firm.

A few months later, the Meguro K3 was presented, manufactured on the basis of the well-known Kawasaki W800, recovering the mythical brand from which years later the first Kawasaki-Meguro Works would be born, and which would give rise to Kawasaki Motorcycles as we know it today in day.

New Kawasaki W230 and Meguro S1 in detail

Now Kawasaki is back at it with its new W230 and Meguro S1, essentially the same motorcycle, but with small finishing details that mark the differences between them. In any case, they are equipped with a propeller 223 cc single cylinderOHC air-cooled and adapted to the current Euro5.

Kawasaki officially presents its new W230 and Meguro S1

The tubular steel monocot chassis is supported by a conventional telescopic fork and a double lateral shock absorber. Braking is provided by separate discs, one per axle, which is also assisted by an ABS system, while the whole is anchored in a pair of radial wheels, 18” at the front and 17” at the rear, which emphasize the sought-after design. retro.

In addition, they have equipment that highlights the implementation of LED lighting, mixed instrumentation, with a double clock and a small digital screen at the bottom of the speedometer, or the use of IRC Grand High-Speed ​​​​GS19 tires.

Kawasaki officially presents its new W230 and Meguro S1

As we have commented initially, the differences between the new Kawasaki W230 and the Meguro S1 They are simply aesthetic. Among the most notable are the seat upholstery, the color scheme or the design of the logos that dominate its fuel tanks.

The Meguro S1 uses black as the main color, reminding us of the Kawasaki 250 Meguro SG that debuted in 1964. For its part, the W230 is finished in a beautiful white, which combines with black in some of its parts, such as the seat upholstery. At the moment we do not know the official prices of both variants, although their official launch is expected next fall.

Kawasaki officially presents its new W230 and Meguro S1

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