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With a competitive genetic heritage rooted in its DNA, the newly introduced MR Hard Enduro Replica Alfredo Gómez of Riejuis not only distinguished by its exclusive design, but also by its degree of customization.

This machine, equipped with the essential elements to face the extreme challenges of Hard Enduro, shares the same technology that drives the rider in the World Championship of this spectacular and complicated discipline.

Thus, the main differences between a conventional Enduro motorcycle and a Hard Enduro motorcycle lie in the power delivery and the protections that protect the vehicle from the harsh conditions it faces.

What is the Rieju MR Hard Enduro Replica Alfredo Gómez like?

Of course, many of the components in this version are unique and exclusive. In contrast to the standard Enduro, the Hard Enduro requires immediate and explosive power delivery to master the most difficult terrain.

This is achieved through modifications to the cylinder, positioning the transfer inlets lower, and with features such as a custom exhaust. OXA «Alfredo Gomez» and a specific carburetor Keihin PWK 36.

This limited edition arrives with an aggressive and distinctive design, along with the emblematic “89” number, which gives the set an aura of absolute sportiness.

Rieju MR Hard Enduro Replica Alfredo Gómez

In the pilot's own words, Alfredo Gomez: «To enjoy Hard Enduro it is essential to have confidence and face the challenges of the terrain with the certainty that the motorcycle will resist any obstacle.«.

And continues: “As an ambassador and developer of this project, I am very satisfied with the result of this motorcycle and I can assure you that, with it, you will be able to compete in Hard Enduro races without needing to make any modifications.«.

Rieju MR Hard Enduro Replica Alfredo Gómez

The Rieju MR Hard Enduro Replica Alfredo Gómez It is equipped with a thick polycarbonate skid plate, front disc protector and polisport fork in black, among other elements. In addition, it features exclusive details such as metal radiator guards and a machined clutch cover signed by Rieju Power Parts Factory.

This limited edition also includes key safety features, such as front and rear handles, stainless steel footpegs for optimal grip, and an electric fan in the radiator to prevent overheating.

The shorter drivetrain, LED headlight and Terraforce tires Mitas are other outstanding elements, sharing the excellent suspensions Kayaba with the Mr Pro model.

Rieju MR Hard Enduro Replica Alfredo Gómez

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